1. Certified Seed is harvested in September each year and is held in storage for the next planting season. MFX books bulk seed sales to commercial accounts in the southern states during the first quarter of the year. Retail 50 lb. seed potato sales begin during the second quarter.

2. The shelf life of certified seed is 3-4 weeks. The best storage temperature is 45 – 50 F. Area retailers should know when the best time is to put this product on their shelves. The certified seed market will move from south to north with the warming weather. Certified seed (whole or cut) will be more vigorous and hearty and produce higher yields than potato "eyes" or mini-tubers sold separately by others. Sprouting is not a problem. Even if broken off, a sprout will grow out again 2-3 times. Certified seed should not be washed. Dirt is good.

3. 10 pounds of certified seed will produce about 100 pounds of tablestock potatoes. The ratio is 10:1.

4. Fertilizer type and quantity will depend on soil analysis. Generally, the retailer will know soil conditions in his area and be able to recommend type and amount to his customer.

5. Growing time is 90-120 days to full maturity. There is no problem harvesting and eating small potatoes early.

6. An official certified seed label from the State of Maine will be placed on the top of each bag during packing and will specify the certified seed variety contained therein.

7. Click here for variety information:


  • Kennebec
  • Cobbler
  • Green Mountain
  • Katahdin
  • Superior
  • Norwis


  • Goldrush
  • Russet Burbank
  • Russet Norkotah


  • Red Pontiac
  • All Red
  • Chieftain
  • Dark Red Norland


  • All Blue


  • Yukon Gold

Please Note: Other varieties are available upon request.